Liquid Friction Pressure Loss

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Fluid & Piping Valves & Fittings
Nominal Pipe Size: 90º LR Elbows90º SR Elbows5 Diameter Elbows
Pipe Schedule: 45º Elbows 90º Thread Elbows45º Thread Elbows
Piping Material: Tee Flow ThroughTee Flow BranchPlug Valve
Flow Rate(gpm): Gate ValveGlobe ValveBall Valve
Viscosity (cP): Typical Values 3 Way Plug ValveSwing Check ValveLift Check Valve
Specific Gravity (water=1): Typical Values Butterfly Valve 2"-8"Butterfly Valve 10"-14"Butterfly Valve >14"
Temperature (F): Pipe EntrancePipe Exit
Piping Length (ft): Angle Valve UpAngle Valve Down
Increase in pressure dropNo. of IncreasersIncreaser Outlet Size (in)
% add to clean pressure drop. No. of ReducersReducer Outlet Size (in)
Misc. K Resistance (like for Rupture Disks)
Misc. K value #1Misc. K value #2

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